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Full Version: Unwanted Shiny Fearow Level 20 Trade
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So basically I have an unwanted shiny pokemon

Am willing to trade it for any shiny/ normal pokemon level 20 and above
Hey Rianne Smile
I see your new am I right?
Welcome to Omega
The Trade section of the fourms have some rules so in the future using the Quick Trade thread for one
Pokemon would be better
~Close Tongue I guess
(Hope this isn't backseat modding Confused)
Exactly what Paradoxx said. You can find the Quick trading thread here:

Also, I can give you a shiny absol you start you off in your Omega career. Smile Just post the link and I will offer.

I see the image for the shiny Fearow is not working.
It should be like this:

Which will be shown like this:
[Image: 22.png]

Hope you have a successful career, enjoy your time at Omega.

See Ya later,
Kool. Wink
Oh and you can have these to because I have multiple of them:

Swablu: http://www.pokemonomega.com/trade.php?ti...&viewtrade

Shiny Budew: http://www.pokemonomega.com/trade.php?ti...&viewtrade

Kanganaskan: http://www.pokemonomega.com/trade.php?ti...&viewtrade

Offer Anything Okay
xD Just as they said, if you're doing a single pokemon use that thread that listed.
Otherwise you can make a bigger thread here with at least a few pokemon.

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